Comic Rank tracks the readers of webcomics and tells you how many real people frequently read your comic. No vote-begging required.

Closed Beta

Comic Rank is currently in a closed beta, and can be used by invitation only. If you'd like to be informed of updates, and get invitations as soon as possible, then please sign up here:

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What happened?

Due to an overwhelming amount of moderation activity required to keep up with demand Comic Rank's public leaderboards were disabled in September 2012.

We're working on getting public comic listings back, and many other things too.

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What we do

Comic Rank tracks people who visit Webcomic sites, analyzes their page views and works out whether they frequently read the comic. In other words Comic Rank totals up the number of regular readers of Webcomics, rather than just pageviews.

This is a great way to boost ad revenue, track campaigns, and stay motivated to keep making comics! A lot of webcomic readers are silent most of the time but we're still there loving your work and supporting your comic.

TL;DR: We make graphs that look like this:

What will happen

We'll always have more ideas than time, so the new site was launched with minimal features so it can evolve over time. Most importantly we want to get back to a stage where we can offer the service free to everyone!

Plans & Ideas

  • Open source so anyone can contribute Done!
  • Small, centralized forum for discussing Comic Rank Beta Testing!
  • Free access for all reasonably sized webcomics
  • Stats history browse / download
  • Public leaderboards (community moderated)
  • Reader-supplied tagging of comics
  • More customization and promotion tools

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